Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman and Taurus Man CompatibilityTaurus is the second zodiac sign. It is an earth sign, one of the four cardinal signs. Cancer is also one the four cardinal signs considered as water sign. Cancer is ruled by moon. Both are a blend of water and earth so both usually share same interests making the relationship calm and peaceful one. They nurture a flowery and happy go lucky type of bonding. Taurus man is strong headed, brave, determined, realistic and practical towards all the aspects of life.

He exhibits utmost patience and loves all his near and dear ones. He is a very romantic, passionate and commitment loving guying which suits ideal to the choice of a cancer woman who provides him sense of security and longevity to the relationship. A cancer woman is an extremely caring, supportive, sensitive, kind, humble and down to earth person who displays ideal feminine characters worth falling for. She is tender and fragile but she is strong willed and independent too. She loves to be taken care of and playing tantrums but at the same time she is homely person and maintains a stable environment around.

When it comes to compatibility of Taurus man and Cancer woman, they usually have a delightful and fulfilling sex life. Taurus man exhibits lot of physical stamina and passion which draws the insecure cancer woman towards him and makes her feel safe and protected in his arms. Though, he may not be able to understand the unsaid feelings and insecurities of the cancer woman but he compensates them by displaying passionate and intense sex in the bed and fulfils her desires.

Their strong faiths and lovable attitudes towards each other make them one of the best and most stable pairs. Their oneness creates magic which makes them hooked to each other throughout life. The male offers a strong shoulder and she offers a sensitive touch which makes the couple bonded however at times the fears and insecurities in her mind can make her have mood swings. And, the female can be irritable, vulnerable and stubborn. They both are very possessive so they need to be around each other but at the same time they should reassure and communicate well with each other that their bond is everlasting and they need to work out their differences making their relationship stable forever.

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