Taurus Man and Aries Woman

Aries Woman and Taurus Man CompatibilityAries is the first zodiac sign ruled by planet mars. It is a fire signs, one of the four cardinal signs. Taurus is the second zodiac sign. It is an earth sign and one of the four fixed signs. Ruled by planet Venus it is mostly believed to be an introvert sign. An Aries is always restless trying to do things hurriedly whereas a Taurus takes moves with patience and takes his own time to understand. Aries has a carefree attitude prone to doing mistakes and Taurus has “I told you to do so “kind of attitude. Aries needs excitement and satisfaction in love and relationship while Taurus are committed purposeful and take the relationship at their own pace.

When it comes to compatibility of Taurus men and Aries women then the male partner is extremely devoted to his relationship. He is a gentleman in true sense. He is a strong headed person clear by heart, practical and serious towards life and love. He is very affectionate, romantic and supportive. Aries female may sometimes confuse his qualities with stubbornness and possessiveness but he never brings these traits until he is unpleasantly aroused in the situation.

An Aries female on the other hand is a very protective lover. She is an independent, sharp, ambitious lady who never likes to be overshadowed by anyone especially when it comes to entice her lover. An Aries woman brings stability in a Taurus man’s life. She is a confident woman who already knows what she wants from her man and likes to dominate her man in the areas of love and romance. Tenderness and thoughtfulness from her side can bring long term stability in the relationship otherwise once a Taurus man walks away he never looks back again.

For Aries woman sex is the divine union of two souls and it gives her ultimate gratification to attain spiritual, mental, emotional contentment. For a Taurus man sex is an ordinary act which is practically an essential part of love making. This notion can often create issues between the two. Taurus male does not give any weightage to day dreams but eventually if this ideology continues it makes Aries woman cold, lacking desire to be imaginative.

There’s is an instant spark in Aries female and Taurus male relationship still they have to travel through the rough roads to test their relationship in harsh times. Either this breaks them or makes them forever. Nevertheless at many instances Taurus is an exceptionally patient creature which makes them a great couple. Both share common traits of being loyal and possessive towards each other. So to make the relationship alive they both need to communicate well and blend emotions with right amount of expressive physical intimacy.

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