Taurus and Scorpio Love Match Compatibility

Scorpio and Taurus CompatibilityWhen a Taurean and Scorpio get together, their relationship is based on a friendship that blossomed due to feelings of mutual respect. Though there are certain aspects of their personalities that are not complimentary, a Taurus with Scorpio couple can expect to have a strong liaison that lasts a lifetime. Often people from these differing sun sign automatically gravitate towards one another as they deeply admire the qualities of the other, thus leading to an attraction that metamorphoses into something deeper. However, the extreme stubbornness and rigidity that is typical to Taureans and Scorpios may threaten to destroy a successful relationship.

The sexual chemistry between a Taurus-born and Scorpio is almost palpable, with their lovemaking being aggressive and explosive. But there is also a tendency for their sex life to be rather erratic and unpredictable, though passion and emotion is guaranteed. While a Taurean looks to possess the Scorpio-born partner as an object of value and worth, the latter desires to posses their partner emotionally. However, the Scorpion desire to establish a deep soulful bond is somewhat hampered by their own inability to express their feelings and sentiments. They create walls and barriers to protect themselves which is naturally irksome to the sensitive Taurean partner.  

The Taurus and Scorpio couple achieves great success in terms of their money management as both are naturally talented at handling monetary business and transactions. Moreover, their combined managerial abilities almost always ensure a job well done. However, there are certain elements that can obstruct the growth of their bond.

Both Taureans and Scorpios are prone to being possessive and jealous, the latter more so, which may cause trouble. Also, both may have an inherently controlling nature, with both wanting to have the reins in their relationship. However, there is a deep sense of loyalty and determination common to both partners which may help sustain a Taurus with Scorpio romantic association.  

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility Tips:  

The Taurus and Scorpio couple has to work upon their communicative ability. Both need to express their true emotions to the other as both value this nature of honesty and commitment. At the same time, they need to respect each others’ boundaries as both are very private individuals who like their space. A Taurean needs to adjust to the tendency of the Scorpio-born to critically analyze everything, while the latter must make an effort to control their tendency to lash out verbally in times of pressure.  

Both partners in such a zodiac match have to be cautious of their short temper and jealous instincts so as to avert arguments and conflicts that would ensue otherwise. Most important for the success of a Taurus and Scorpio relationship is that both recognize and accept that their mutual respect for each other is a reflection of how they complete another, with one having what the other is lacking. It is important for both to not lose sight of the reasons that bring them together and allow them to connect – again, communication is required as both Taureans and Scorpios usually need many reassurances before they can trust others.  

Taurus and Scorpio Famous Couples: 

Some celebrity couples with a Taurus with Scorpio cosmic connection are: Ethan Hawke (Scorpio) and Uma Thurman (Taurus); Vivien Leigh (Scorpio) and Sir Lawrence Olivier (Taurus), John Corbett (Taurus) and Bo Derek (Scorpio), Julia Roberts (Scorpio) and Daniel Day Lewis (Taurus), Emilio Estevez (Taurus) and Demi Moore (Scorpio).

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