Taurus and Sagittarius Love Match Compatibility

Sagittarius and Taurus CompatibilityThe Taurus with Sagittarius typifies the romance based on opposites attract. While there are some similar traits that are common to both the zodiac members, there are some severe divergences in their most defining traits. While the Taurean is a calm, balanced and sensible individual, the Sagittarian is most free spirited, energetic and restless. The most major sign of incompatibility is that while the Taurus-born is most likely to be possessive and jealous, the Sagittarius is freedom loving and enjoys his or her space. The protective and somewhat controlling nature of the Taurean can be a serious irritant for their partner.

The main binding force that may hold the Taurean and Sagittarian alliance together is their exceptional sexual chemistry. Their attraction is instantaneous and often leads to sexual encounters that form the basis of their relationship. The uninhibited approach of the Sagittarian will satiate the Taurean desire to the extent possible. However, beyond the bedroom, the compatibility will depend upon how hard the partners work to make their relationship a success.

While the Taurus born craves for stability and familiarity in their surroundings, the Sagittarius wants to explore and venture outside the walls of the home. The complacence of the former irks their naturally restless mind and often leads to conflicts. 

Another reason why the Taurus with Sagittarius couple must pay attention to their relationship is because their manner of social interaction is diametrically opposed. A Taurean will amass a small group of friends to interact with, the Sagittarian will want to party with a large group. Moreover, while Taureans are always very loyal and committed, Sagittarians may have a short interest span when it comes to relationships, while is hurtful and annoying to the supersensitive partner. It is therefore not a flawed conclusion, that while a Taurus-Sagittarian couple will be required to work hard on their relationship, certain elements of their romantic liaison can hold them together. 

Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility Tips: 

The Taurus and Sagittarius couple has a lot to work upon. The first step to a successful relationship between them is that both partners must accept that they have distinct and divergent fundamental values.

They must not try and force change upon their partner. Meanwhile, a certain degree of compromise is required which necessitates that these individuals from different zodiac signs look beyond the realms of circumstances they themselves are comfortable with. This nature of understanding can be established by ensuring that both draw the boundaries in the relationship from the very beginning. 

For such a relationship to work, the Taurus-born has to especially make adjustments to the way they act and react to things. They need to give the Sagittarian time to settle down and realize the merits of living a more stable and secure lifestyle. Meanwhile, the Sagittarian partner needs to mind his words as they usually are prone to putting their foot in their mouth, often without realizing it.

Both partners must put their ego aside. As both have very strong personalities both must focus their energies on reaching a compromise and not controlling the other. With all these measures in place, the Taurus and Sagittarius relationship may be a success. 

Taurus and Sagittarius Famous Couples: 

Some celebrity Taurus with Sagittarius famous Couples: Kirsten Dunst (Taurus) and Jake Gylenthal (Sagittarius), Diane Keaton (Taurus) and Woody Allen (Sagittarius), George Clooney (Taurus) and Teri Hatcher (Sagittarius). 

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