Taurus and Pisces Love Match Compatibility

Pisces and Taurus CompatibilityTaurus, the bull has always been the emblem of strength, perseverance, and masculinity. The bull is calm when left unharmed but once it’s annoyed, you should just run for your life because the bull will attack. The same goes for the personality traits of a Taurean, they are cool headed and collected but once angered their temper is hard to handle. Strong determination and goal orientation set them apart from the other signs.

Pisces, the fish is mystifying and fascinating. Individuals belonging to this sign are very gifted and creative, but they end up labouring their whole life, fickle mindedness is one of the dominant characteristic of the fish. Pisces as a sign is depicted with a figure of two fishes, one going down and the other coming upwards, similarly a person with this sign shows a lot of confusion in decision making and choosing.

Opposites attract, the statement mirrors itself in the relationship between a Taurean and a Piscean, and they bring out the best in each other specially in satisfying the physical needs. The warmth and tenderness in a Piscean softens the Taureans’ inability to adapt effectively to changes in life. And Taureans level headedness and serene approach to life helps Pisceans to concentrate on their talents and feel nurtured and protected under the bull’s shelter.

A word of caution: Jealousy, threat of infidelity, unfaithfulness, and dominance makes Taureans a little unbearable at times. So if you are with a Taurean, make sure you handle them with kids’ gloves. Pisces on the other hand are never sure what they want in life, they change all the time. And, their sentimental nature, at times provoke anger and trust issues.

Understanding and emotional stability can add depth into the relation between the two.

Taurus and Pisces compatibility tips:

Starting a relationship is generally effortless; but it’s the maintaining part that becomes demanding. No relationship works without quality time. It’s important that the Taurean understand the urge to show empathy to a Piscean and in turn the Piscean should accept his/her partner as they are because Taureans hate to explain themselves.

The bonding between the two might run into deep waters due to the over expectations of a Taurean, on the other hand the Piscean might have difficulty in taking decisions in life, which might irritate their better half. The key to success here will depend on the balance of intimacy and reality. Accept each other’s weak point and work towards improvement.

Pisceans don’t try to be good to everyone; you can’t please the whole world. Stop trying so hard and invest time in pleasing your partner, it will fetch you rewards. Dear Taureans, don’t be so cruel on yourself and your companion, take life as it comes, enjoy the spontaneity and spunk.

Being a water sign, Pisceans tend to shape themselves in any given mould. It becomes the Taureans responsibility to hold on to the relationship. The twosome should respect each other’s emotional and aesthetic needs.

Taurus and Pisces famous couples:

Famous couple: Enrique Iglesias (Taurus) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Pisces); Penelope Cruz (Taurus) and Javier Bardem (Pisces), Robert Browning (Taurus) and Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Pisces); Tony Parker (Taurus) and Eva Longoria Parker (Pisces); David Gest (Taurus) and Liza Minnelli (Pisces); Christina Hendricks (Taurus) and Geoffrey Arend (Pisces), Chris Brown (Taurus) and Rihanna (Pisces).

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