Taurus and Leo Love Match Compatibility

Leo and Taurus CompatibilityThe Taurus with Leo couple will have a long journey ahead of them, with various downswings, but an equal dispersion of highs as well. Given the fact that both Taureans and Leos are very loyal and devoted, their relationship is enduring and strong, though there are many instances of conflict and discord. One major cause for this is that both partners are born to signs that are characterized by the traits of determination and confidence – the negative manifestation of which results in stubbornness. Thus, differences of opinions often turn into arguments and a communication gap that may have long lasting effects.

When a Taurean and Leo come together, their physical and sexual compatibility is phenomenal and may be the path to ending fights. Also, a Leo-born has a taste for the arts and cultural activities which is complimented by the Taurean quest for constant intellectual stimulation. With both partners cherishing the material comforts of life, their outlook with respect to lifestyle and daily living is fairly similar. However, while a Taurean associates monetary gains with the opportunity of investment, a Leo will be something of a spendthrift having little concern for saving.  

In a relationship between a Taurus-born and Leo, there is much difference in the general demeanor and personality of the two which may sometimes create trouble; while Leos are flamboyant, outgoing and limelight seekers, Taureans have a way more subdued and low-lying disposition. On the flip side, this ensures that the Leo’s need for attention is fulfilled by the Taurean ability to charm and flatter.

The possessive streak in the Taurus born is often an irritant for a Leo, however, this are usually not the main arena of conflict in their relationship. Therefore, it is fair to conclude, that while the Taurus with Leo couple may have their own issues, they are easily capable of maintaining a healthy, long lasting relationship.  

Taurus and Leo Compatibility Tips: 

For the Taurus and Leo couple, working on their stubborn and uncompromising attitude is the major concern. It is highly recommended that both partners work towards creating an understanding that allows them to communicate with one another despite possible differences in opinion.

Moreover, both should enter the liaison with the intent and willingness to compromise. Since their core ideals are somewhat similar, such tasks are achievable given time and the desire to do so. However, Taureans and Leos must acknowledge that their fundamental personality traits are different and should not try to bring about change and coerce their parent to adopt their ways.

As there is likelihood of various instances of dispute and discord, there is a possibility that the egoistic Leo may deny the Taurus-born in the bedroom as a means of getting revenge. Thus there is a need to draw boundaries beforehand and establish how differences are to be reasonably handled.

Also, Taurus and Leo may need to prioritize and chalk out a proper plan for expenditure of familial wealth and assets since both have a very divergent attitude towards money matters. Compromise and communication are the key saviors for the Taurus with Leo couple.

Taurus and Leo Famous Couples: 

Uma Thurman (Taurus) and Robert De Niro(Leo) , Bianca (Taurus) and Mick Jagger (Leo), Bill Rancic (Taurus) and Guliana DePandies (Leo), George Carlin (Taurus) and Brenda Carlin (Leo), Orson Welles (Taurus) and Delores Del Rio (Leo), Fred Astaire (Taurus) and Robyn Smith (Leo), Harry d’Abbadie d’Arrast (Taurus) and Eleanor Boardman (Leo), Richard Barthelmess and Mary Hay (Leo)

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