Taurus and Cancer Love Match Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus CompatibilityTaurus and Cancer are essentially very compatible sun signs in terms of love and relationships. This is because the needs of one are the defining characteristics of the other. Taureans are comfort seekers and need constant reassurances, which is something a Cancer-born can easily provide as they are inherently sensitive and nurturing. As both have a very defined sense of loyalty and strong principles, there is little likelihood of cheating and betrayal in a Taurus-Cancer relationship.

Taureans and Cancerians are both very shy and cautious when it comes to romantic involvement and thus do not rush into any such commitment. Thus, they will go on numerous dates before ascertaining their affection and feelings for the other. However, given their cognitive and behavioral compatibility, Taurus-Cancer dates usually tend to lead to something more meaningful.

Once both are confident of their emotional attachment to the other, there is no stopping the couple. They become intensely involved, their commitment to each other attaining proportions that are best described as ‘together forever’, which may definitely invite some envy and resentment from others.  

With the combination of Taurean sensuality and Cancerian emotional depth, sexual compatibility is also assured. As both are fairly family-oriented, the home becomes a comfort zone that both partners automatically gravitate towards in times of need. With the Cancer-born people being extremely focused and strong-willed, their temperament compliments the Taurean urge for gaining money, riches and material comfort.  

The only aspect of their relationship where attention is required is that as both Taureans and Cancerians are inherently possessive and stubborn, it may lead to conflicts. With both partners being mentally strong and intellectually forward, however, such issues are generally not severely damaging. In fact, the Taurus-Cancer match may almost represent what is expected out of those deemed to be soul mates.

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility Tips:

While the Taurus-Cancer couple does not run into trouble too often, there are certain characteristic of each that may lengthen the course of misunderstandings. Taureans are stubborn and have very fixed ideas, which require Cancerians to be able to accommodate and broker compromises due to their partner’s shortcomings.

In return for such considerate actions, Taureans must condition themselves to adjust to the frequent mood swings that are typical of the Cancer-born. Also, Cancerians need to cultivate the habit of not letting out their frustration and anger on their partners, as this is another negative to a Taurus-Cancer relationship. 

Taureans and Cancerians associate security with different things. Those born Taurus feel secure and self assured when their material wants are satisfied. However, a Cancer-born associates security with emotional stability and expression.

Thus, it will help both partners to inform and remind each of their needs and insecurities so the other can understand them and lend support in times of need. The key to resolving conflicts in a Taurus-cancer liaison is to communicate and resolve issue in a calm and orderly fashion. With both partners being slightly forward in reacting to provocation, this is one area where both need to take responsibility and mind their responses.  

Taurus and Cancer Famous Couples: 

Some celebrity couples with a Taurus-Cancer match are - Jack Nicholson (Taurus) and Anjelica Houston (Cancer), Will Ferrell (Cancer) and Viveca Paulin (Taurus); Barbra Streisand (Taurus) and James Brolin (Cancer), and, Daniel Day Lewis (Taurus) and Isabelle Adjani (Cancer), as well as O.J. Simpson (Cancer) and Nicole Brown Simpson

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