Taurus and Aquarius Love Match Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius CompatibilityTaurus with Aquarius does not make a perfect couple. Both have a leading personality. Being a Bull, Taurus has very obstinate kind of nature. They are not at all flexible. Taurus is not ready to accept any kind of change. On the other hand, Aquarius represents water. Water has the quality of taking shape of the thing in which it stays. Same goes with Aquarius.

They are very flexible kind of people. Thus both Taurus and Aquarius are very opposite in nature. Due to this, they have to face problems in their life. Taurus is family oriented while Aquarius is not. There is always an argument between Taurus and Aquarius on one and the other thing. Their personalities are totally different. Due to incompatibility, Taurus and Aquarius are not able to be in a relationship for a longer period of time and hence, separation will be there. Taurus has a reserve nature whereas Aquarius is outgoing and express their feelings easily.

Taurus and Aquarius will very rarely be found in a long lasting relation. They have to support each other fully in order to run their relationship. Both have to trust and understand each other. Life is full of compromises. They have to follow this policy. Nothing is impossible in this world. If they give some time to their relationship, it will definitely work. After all, it’s a question of their life.

Taurus is possessive and Aquarius does not like to be bound. This opposite nature is the reason of creating misunderstanding between Taurus and Aquarius. Taurus should try to change this attitude for their relationship to survive. Both Taurus and Aquarius are attracted to each other and fall in love. But this attraction vanishes in very less time as Taurus is Earth and Aquarius is water. 

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility Tips: 

Taurus is very serious and passionate about achieving their targets in life whereas Aquarius is somewhat happy-go-lucky. This attitude of Aquarius makes Taurus angry and unhappy. Both Taurus and Aquarius have to work towards this so that their relationship goes well. Both have different aspects about life and they usually try to inflict their thoughts and wishes on each other which can take the form of cold war.

Both Taurus and Aquarius should not compel the other and should give a little space to each other. If they follow the principle forgive and forget, then there is a possibility that their life will run smoothly without any dispute. Taurus is a traditional thinker whereas Aquarius is a fundamental thinker.

There is a possibility that this relationship might not work out further unless and until both try to adopt positive sides of each other. Taurus and Aquarius have different lifestyles. Both have to compromise on some level to match their lifestyles. As Aquarius likes to gain information about latest techniques and technologies, they should also make Taurus aware and share this information with them. They should try to bring romance back into their life. 

Taurus and Aquarius Famous Couples:

Famous Couples: Adolph Hitler (Taurus) and Eva Braun (Aquarius); Danny Elman (Taurus) and Bridget Fonda (Aquarius); Cher (Taurus) and Sonny Bono (Aquarius); Billy Joel (Taurus) and Christie Brinkley (Aquarius); Paula Yates (Taurus) and Michael Hutchence (Aquarius) Alice B. Toklas (Taurus) and Gertrude Stein (Aquarius).

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