Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man CompatibilityWhen a Scorpio man is engaged in love with a Sagittarius woman, it refers to two successive zodiac signs which are completely different in expressing their love and sharing a relationship. Such a relationship could only be held for a long interval with lots of mutual understanding and awareness. If a Scorpio man becomes less suspicious about a Sagittarius woman and the Sagittarius woman gets more involved in the relation, then only they can think of holding it still for a long time, else it would be a little messy.

When we talk about the compatibility of Scorpio male and Sagittarius female, the woman loves being independent and adore adventures in her life which the man can share as a friend but not in a relationship to last for a long time.

The woman surely deserves some kind of space from him when she is craving for it but the man being a more intense and caring lover would oppose some of her acts. The best when their relationship would work is at the time of decision making where a Sagittarius woman can help the man from her entire soul.

She is the one who can make out new creative ideas and help him reaching the destination. A Scorpio man can only be gratified by the independent nature of a Sagittarius woman when they have had an impartial communication among them. But if the communication turns out to be an argument, none of them would be ready to compromise on any fact.

A Scorpio man would never allow a Sagittarius woman to dominate upon a situation whenever she feels the need to, and neither is he the one to leave any kind of decision completely on her. So the relationship requires a lot of perseverance to survive else it wouldn’t last for long.

The Scorpio man needs to be less possessive towards her and let her explore the world in her own way. They need to understand by communication and straighten up each situation. They must reveal the reasons creating hindrances in their relationship and it would surely help them in craving for a better relation. When it comes to sex, they both are fascinating and intense in making love.

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