Scorpio Man and Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man CompatibilityScorpio man and Gemini woman is not at all a match and is very odd couple, the reason being the Scorpio man has lot of expectations which she is not able to fulfil. They are on a training spree, where the Scorpio man wants to dominate her and tame her in his own manner and the Gemini woman wants to follow her own path. She wants him to follow her all the time. This relationship starts with infatuation, but does not last too long as obsession for someone is not everlasting. The bubble of love will have to burst and the relationship fizzles off in a second.

Scorpio man is a strong, powerful and a loyal lover, who wants to handle the situations on his own. His loyalty to any woman remains a bit mysterious which sometimes causes suspicion in the Gemini woman’s mind. But once you tease him and make him angry, then be ready to suffer the rage of his fury, it bites and attacks just like a scorpion sting.

On the other hand a Gemini woman is a blend of multiple personalities, so it is very difficult to judge her at any point of time. She does not want commitments, bonds or sticking to one personality is not her forte. She is always on the lookout for excitement, fun and lives in a dreamland of romance. She is an efficient charmer and initially captivates Scorpio man with her élan and intellectual talks. But as the time passes by the lustre of the relationship fades off and she starts shifting her loyalty and this really annoys the Scorpio man.

There short and brief sexual encounters are just like fairy tale romance which do not end up in happily ever after. When we talk about the compatibility of Scorpio male and Gemini female, then the Gemini woman loves flirting with the Scorpio man and he acts the perfect tool with which she can play around. In order to survive this deadly combination the Gemini woman has to be patient and calm while dealing with stubborn and violent Scorpio man. Once she understands the depth of his love for her, she can easily be tamed and then this relation can go on a smooth ride for long.

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