Scorpio and Capricorn Love Match Compatibility

Capricorn and Scorpio CompatibilityScorpio and Capricorn radiate intense energy and create envy among others. They are motivated to reach to the top, no matter the means and hardships. Both are idealistic by nature, and are not easily smitten. When together, they become the talk of the town with their drop-dead- looks and physical chemistry. This couple mixes well with each other as their fears and insecurities are the same, both are afraid of rejection and yearn for affection.

A scorpion is always well guarded against emotions and keeps a close check on it. Emotions don’t run wild with this strong headed individual. Other’s don’t influence the carefree Scorpion. Their quest for success and achievement in life fills up all the other spheres of existence.

On the other hand, Capricorns are well grounded to the earth, though they are very ambitious and workaholics still they manage to find time for their loved ones. Commitment to work and pleasure defines this sign. They too are solitary creatures and like to keep things to themselves.

Scorpions and Capricorns share the same bent of mind, the bond between them is more like a formal affair rather than an intimate one. The pair provides emotional and social support to each other in times of need which makes the bond between them unbreakable. The physical dynamics is a little confusing between the two here, Scorpions strong need to dominate is burned to ashes with Capricorn’s foxy tricks.

Scorpio’s are attracted to the straight forwardness and sensibility of the Capricorns, whereas the latter goes head-over-heels over the dazzling personality and charming attitude of the Scorpions. They have the ability to make their relationship work, and Capricorns have to bear with the extreme mood swings of their partner, whereas the Scorpions have to get used to the thankless behaviour of the Capricorns. It’s not a cake walk darlings, you got to appreciate your significant other, to ripen the fruits of love for eternity.

Scorpio and Capricorn compatibility tips:

Keep aside your pride and stubbornness. The art of bargaining lies in balancing the scales. So, gear up to solve any petty issues that come up. At the emotional front, Capricorns are aloof and reserved but the Scorpions know how to diffuse that exterior.

It might take a really long time for both of them to reach a decision about their relationship, but when they finally decide, be sure it will last a lifetime. Trust and commitment are the key ingredients of this association. Taking a wrong turn is not in their character.

The line of control in this relationship will be defined by the fact- who holds the upper hand, if the Capricorn settles in for a back seat then there won’t be any fights. The desire to pull the strings, most of the times will lead to problems. Deal with it!! Brainstorm to find out the best possible way to deal with the issue. Agree on one solution and then give your 100% in working towards it. A word of caution: Never under-estimate your better half, whatever is left unsaid in the drawing room, make it up in the bed. Now, who said conflicts are bad? (Intended pun)

Scorpio and Capricorn famous couples:

Some couples- Jim Carrey (Capricorn) and Jenny McCarthy (Scorpio);Georgia O'Keefe (Scorpio) and Alfred Stieglitz (Capricorn); Faye Dunaway (Capricorn) and Harris Yulin (Scorpio); Gong Li (Capricorn) and Yimou Zhang (Scorpio); Mike Nichols (Scorpio) and Diane Sawyer (Capricorn)

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