Scorpio and Aquarius Love Match Compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius CompatibilityScorpio and Aquarius both are fixed signs Scorpio stands for fixed water and Aquarius for fixed air, this makes them naturally attracted to each. They have a ravishing chemistry and initially they find themselves bound by a non-compulsive compatibility but complex problems are hidden under the skin of the surface.

Aquarius is friendly and take the relationship slowly as it comes and Scorpio are intense and passionate who are often interlude by the mysteries of Aquarius. Their relationships can be experimental yet interesting. Aquarius takes the calm to the intense attitudes and extreme mood swings of Scorpio, they mostly balance and calm the restless Scorpio which stability in the commotion.

Scorpio’s biggest challenge is to accept Aquarius with its wide social network as the latter fancy being in group friendships and the former goes for a choosy circle. Aquarius is inventive, modest, far – sighted. Both have mind-set which is of fixed thinking so it helps to strengthen the bond also because of the clash of intense Scorpio with mysterious and subtle Aquarius the relationship may be one of its unusual kinds but it keeps the spark and freshness alive.

As both are strong – willed the relationship itself climbs the boundaries of commitment If working professionally the couple can form a great creative team together and if misunderstand things cannot be sorted by anyone but them only. The casual attitude of an Aquarian may not feel the depth of intense feelings as Scorpios but they surely understand that which balances the compatibility quotient.

Aquarian are helpful, polite, supportive sometimes they have off-the-wall opinions and are mostly exhibiting a non-decisive mood, they may be flirtatious at times or may have a wavering mind over many situations on the contrary Scorpio’s are strong – willed, determined, loving and commitment oriented, once a Scorpio decides for a person one can always count on their trust and honesty.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility Tips:

Scorpios are always attracted to the sign which are always hard to get and an Aquarian is the perfect one. As Scorpio need commitment and surety from the beginning it can be over whelming for an Aquarian who is ready to take things as they come, their differences may arise when it comes to romance and sex if it does not meet their expectations Aquarians ‘s mind can be dwindling which is a threat to their relationship. Aquarian often find solace in casual relationships though the time themselves makes them commitment oriented.

Sometimes Aquarian may also find difficulty in relating themselves to the intense emotions of Scorpios but this can be overcome only when the latter handles the relationship with patience and intelligence .Scorpio should lower their expectations and the Aquarian should be more expressive else the indifferent attitude can hurt Scorpion many times. Instead of agitation and resentment they both should admire each other’s qualities, first they should impose this positive attitudes in each other’s mind and slowly optimism towards each other is accepted and lives with.

Scorpio and Aquarius Famous Couples: 

Ben Harper (Scorpio) and Laura Dern (Aquarius); Tatum O'Neal (Scorpio) and John McEnroe (Aquarius); Demi Moore (Scorpio) and Ashton Kutcher (Aquarius); and Claire Bloom (Aquarius) and Richard Burton (Scorpio)

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