Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man CompatibilityA wise man said that love makes you go mad. Of course! Madness is a part of love. Astrologically, Sagittarius male and Leo female are highly compatible. Their relationship is full love, madness and passion. Just like a car needs petrol, a Sagittarius man and Leo woman. A Leo woman is more loyal than a Sagittarius man as he tends to loiter around.

A Sagittarius man is very flirty which might not go well with a Leo woman. A Leo woman may feel insecure as the Sagittarius man cannot be steady. But once he is in deep love and figures out the woman of his dreams, he will stick with her in thick and thin.

A Sagittarius man is forthright, candid and genuine about most of the things of life. A Sagittarius man can be pleasant; he is also maladroit and immature yet shrewd and uncompromising. The blameless and lively assets that he holds, makes him reasonably an endearing being. A Sagittarius man may have a rapid to flair rage but it is also easy to stub out with a little bit of a momentum in the correct track. Being in a bond, especially a love affair makes him enthusiastic and he can be great buddy who will stick with you at all times. 

A Leo woman is unsurprisingly polite and empathetic. She is a natural frontrunner but enjoys to playing games, games that she can win. She is a self-starter and a sociable and halts at nothing in getting what she really wants and knows what she should get and deserves. These qualities make a Leo woman an electrifying chum to be with. A Leo woman has a very delicate characteristic which she is enormously proud of even though it is true conceit or not, she is conceited and quite challenging.

She is highly sensual which make any man drool over her. Well, lady charms – they always work on a man. Taking about the compatibility of Sagittarius male and Leo female, the woman is so beautiful and fine-looking that with such an amiable aura, she makes Sagittarius man wild about her.

Together, their bond is a colourful parody of gymnastics, language, carnivals and flip-flops. Their imaginings are superior to what they actually do. Once they do it together, they can make a rainbow with gold at the end.

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