Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman

Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman CompatibilityLife should be smooth and easy. And when does this happen – when Sagittarius and Aquarius come together. They have a lot in common. Both these signs love freedom, independence and growth when in a relationship. Sagittarius is impulsive when it is about relationships. They are highly emotional and tend to be very expressive. Aquarius likes to stay calm and composed – they do not talk much in relationships. A Sagittarius man is a very honest man.

He is always cheerful and never sports a grin. He has the power to spread cheer all around. People around him feel excited and happy. He is very ambitious and knows how to achieve his dreams. He is capable of being an excellent lover. He showers all his love and affection when it’s about a love relationship. He showers unconditional love on his Aquarius partner.

He clinches a live and let live viewpoint and dislikes being knotted to obligations. Just when he senses that he is permitted the appropriate quantity of liberation and self-determination, he demonstrates to be a faithful and true chum.

An Aquarius woman is subtle and at liberty. She likes enjoying her freedom. She has the ability to turn impossible things to possible. Though she cannot carry out things for more than a decade, she is inconsistent. She is a socialite! She loves mingling around and never takes it to heart if she has a breakup. Breakups don’t break her heart, she would always be a great friend and be there in high and low times.

The relation between these two signs is a long lasting one. As far as the compatibility of Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman is concerned, they enjoy each other and live life fully. Every relationship has their share of ups and downs and so does this one. Petty fights will be a part of this relationship but with love and support, things will be fine. They both have similar interests and have a great sex life. Sagittarius man may be a little jealous and Aquarius woman is always on the prowl. Love is like a game for them where both of them are players and win too!

Love rises and shines between these two and lasts forever.

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