Sagittarius and Capricorn Love Match Compatibility

Capricorn and Sagittarius CompatibilityIn the Sagittarius and Capricorn relationship, the see – saw can tip either way. Both have some qualities that match the sensibilities of the other and a fair few flaws that can cause disputes. The two partners are usually drawn to each other due to the differences in their inherent nature – the Capricornian enjoys the Sagittarian’s company for the wit and humour they bring into a conversation, while the latter enjoys their partner’s intellectually stimulating insights in over wide ranging subjects. Once they hit it off together, their relationship may blossom into something more provided they both are focused on trying to make it work.

The sexual chemistry between the Sagittarian and Capricorn - born is rather promising. While the latter enjoys a good bit of foreplay, the Sagittarian is always pleased to oblige. Outside of the bedroom, though differences surface. The Capricornian individual’s somewhat conventional outlook is in complete contrast to their partner’s free flowing nature and impulsive attitude.

This may be an area of conflict that may lead to many arguments and strains in the relationship. The impulsive Sagittarian may eventually become weary of their partner’s need for stability and assurances, which is deeply hurtful to the Capricornian.  

For this unique couple, which is the perfect extrovert with introvert match, the future of their romantic liaison depends on how willing and open both partners are to change. The moody Capricornian is often comes across as a brooding wet blanket to their partner, and the Sagittarian’s farfetched visions and empty words may be a drain on the former’s patience.

While there are areas of conflict, such relationships often progress into stages of mutual gain as both are able to grow as individuals due to association with the other. Thus, it is a fair conclusion that the Sagittarius with Capricorn relationship has the potential to be a long lasting and meaningful journey.  

Sagittarius and Capricorn Compatibility Tips: 

For the Sagittarius and Capricorn couple, compromise and accommodation is the only path to harmony and happiness. Both partners need to recognize and accept the fundamental differences in their personality traits and hence try not to force change upon one another. This is not to suggest that neither partner should lose all hope for change in the other, but such transitions will require time and effort at both ends. The Sagittarian and Capricorn – born must establish a means to communicate their true feelings to the other so that each is aware of what the other needs and expects from them.  

Given the fact that the Sagittarian is a tad bit detached from most and the Capricornian is deeply emotional but hardly expressive, there is often a spiritual void in their relationship which can only be filled when both are deeply committed to the other. For this, the Sagittarian must let go of their romantically free spirited ways and bestow their charms only upon their partner, who will also gain much security from such actions. Bottom line is, for this relationship to work, one may have to give more than they get, but this will mean much more contentment and comfort in the long run.  

Sagittarius and Capricorn Famous Couples: 

Some celebrity couples with a Sagittarius and Capricorn match are: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (Capricorn) and John F. Kennedy Jr. (Sagittarius), Diane Keaton (Capricorn) and Woody Allen (Sagittarius), Bart Freundlich (Capricorn) and Julianne Moore (Sagittarius), Ava Gardner (Capricorn) and Frank Sinatra (Sagittarius). 

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