Sagittarius and Aquarius Love Match Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aquarius CompatibilityThe Sagittarius and Aquarius relationship is of a free flowing and open nature which is reflective of the personalities of both the partners. Both being extroverted, adventurous and warm hearted, there is an instant connection based on mutual understanding of each other’s needs.

There is much to discuss and explore, and with both partners having a refined taste in terms of interests and recreational ideas, the Sagittarius and Aquarius couple will never run out of conversation or things to do. There are no ego clashes, jealousy or possessiveness here as both individuals have similar tendencies and a somewhat detached attitude towards such issues.

For this couple, sex is a rather tantalizing and enthralling experience. Both like to experiment with lovemaking though the Aquarian has a conceptual approach to innovation while the Sagittarian will go along with anything new. As a couple, they are known to others as party animals and wonderful hosts. In fact their agreeability in socializing at such a large scale contributes to their fondness for each other. Both are visionaries and may have plans for ventures that aim at bringing about change in the world. As romantic partners they understand each other’s needs and priorities, and therefore there is little dispute over ‘what comes first’.  

While it may seem that all is perfect for the Sagittarius and Aquarius couple but this is hardly true. The stability and longevity of the relationship is its waterloo. When the level of comfort between the Sagittarian and Aquarian get very high, they tend to lose interest in their partner and look to new avenues to fulfil their desires. Thus, more often than not, the relationship comes to an end with mutual consent, or due to one partner cheating on their mate. Thus, we can conclude, that the Sagittarius and Aquarius relationship is great while it lasts but there is lesser chance for it to attain meaningful proportions.  

Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility Tips: 

For the Sagittarius and Aquarius couple it is very important that both partners keep introspecting and reviewing their actions, which is inherently against their nature, to ensure the relationship survives for the long haul. The main reason for problem in this liaison is that the free spirited attitude of both partners may lead to an affair that is very casual, without either individual realizing it.

Thus, it is important that both keep on analyzing where they are headed as a couple and what the future is likely to be. Thereafter, these feelings need to be communicated to the partner so that a mutual understanding is established as how things should progress.  

Also, for this relationship to survive the test of time, both the Sagittarian and Aquarian must try and get past their hesitance in being a little invasive and trying to delve into their partner’s life. This can only increase the depth of the bond and possible add a spiritual and emotional dimension to their interaction. For the Sagittarius with Aquarius relationship to be a success, both individuals should not take their interest in each other for granted. They must work upon their relationship and invest their time and effort in trying to make it work.  

Sagittarius and Aquarius Famous Couples: 

Some celebrity couples with a Sagittarius and Aquarius match are:  Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) and Jennifer Anniston (Aquarius), and Spears (Sagittarius) and Justin Timberlake (Aquarius)

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