Pisces Man and Virgo Woman

Pisces Man and Virgo Woman CompatibilityVirgo women comprise one thing which I guess everyone might have encountered one way or the other, is her ‘guts’. A bit shy and reserve too. Being in a relationship, she is completely loyal and if things don’t work out then she will sever all ties and appear as cold as an ‘Isour’. This is a basic quality you’ll find in almost every Virgo woman, which attracts men’s of all sun signs especially a Pisces. A Pisces man on the other hand is full of emotions which entitle him as the most romantic person on earth. Apart from romance he is also practical in life. It is because of this trait that many Piscean guys are great achievers.

A characteristic profile of a Virgo woman is an odd mix of romance with common sense and emotions with practicality. Both are unpredictable and that’s why they are able to move on in their relationship. A Pisces man on one hand is not possessive and completely trusts his partner while a Virgo woman on the other hand will have many reasons to be jealous as he is close with both the sexes.

He never gets angry and seldom holds grudge while she thinks of herself as more efficient and organized then him. And the worst part is when she believes that only she is right. During a conversation with her, the former would have to admit if he is wrong otherwise she is going to lose her temper regardless to any extent. This might not be a problem for him as he is a patient listener. This makes them quite a comfortable match for each other.

Talking about the compatibility of Pisces male and Virgo female, both would prove to be good combination of parenting and extreme love for their kids as he is going to be a lot fun and would always listen to every childish problem related to his children, whereas she would be an amazing mother. She with her feminine charms and tricks would ring little bells in her man’s heart while he with his simplicity and gentle gesture would have won her heart in their first courting only.

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