Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman CompatibilityDo you think there is anything common among Pisces men and Sagittarius women? Yes, they both are sentimental, shy and most of all emotional. Apart from possessing all these traits, a Pisces man is very practical in life whereas a Sagittarius woman is optimistic but not irrational, straightforward and blunt. Her honesty and brusqueness adds more to her negative opinion.

She doesn’t want a sissy as for a life partner; she wants a real man who can balance his polite nature with firmness. So I think a Pisces guy can perfectly fit this void in her life. The main problem of his is that it’s kind of difficult to pull him out of day dreaming and show him the reality. Once he sees then he starts aiming practically whereas her main problem is nothing but bluntness.

Too much straightforwardness sometimes causes her to severe the relationship in which she is as she knows how to move on in life. A Pisces man not all the time but would want to be left alone as he too needs his moments of solitude. A Sagittarius woman is independent and loves to have her freedom.

He is not possessive and completely trusts his soul mate. Being a man he demands complete loyalty. In terms of compatibility of Pisces male and Sagittarius female, concern towards marriage is different from their side. Where Piscean men remain ignited on the other hand a Sagittarius women are kind of figged, it requires complete patience to tempt her towards marriage. A Sagittarius woman is attached to her family but not too much. If something is to be done from her side then just ask don’t order or she will not do it.

Both have one more common trait and that is they analyze situation depending upon the facts not blindly. Toward their brood, he would gel with imaginative and creative senses, would be friendly with them while she would also be friendly with them & be more of a chum then a mom. In short both will turn out to be great parents. All these characteristic mention above about each other are enough for them to at least give it a chance.

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