Pisces Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman CompatibilityA Pisces man is one with a soothing personality. He is a utopian who does not have much to do with reality. His charm and attraction lies in his calmness and the spiritual dimension he adds to his life and relationships. A Pisces man is a desirable lover for the simple reason that he is romantic, emotional and sensitive. He is one who can understand the thoughts of his woman and takes good care of her. His impracticality can, however, annoy some of his lovers.

On the whole, the Pisces male is faithful and maintains his fidelity to his Pisces female. A typical woman of this zodiac is similar to the man. She is imaginative, creative and has a liking towards all things beautiful. She is as sensitive as the man and can be easily hurt. She needs emotional security, peace of mind and love from the one she loves. This means that she a soft hearted person and needs someone who understands this.

Talking about the compatibility of Pisces man and the Pisces woman, both make a creative pair. They have a strong understanding between themselves and this helps create a bond between the two. There will be an immense scope for exploring feelings with full passion and intensity. The relationship would be such that both can be satisfied and content with it. The rapport that they can share and the high quality genial flavor that they build with each other can keep them happy. This makes it worth a try.

The problem situation arises when both fail to adjust with reality. That is, both indulge in denying reality and do not behave in a practical way. As a result, they may have to face adverse situations where a need for a more down to earth partner arises. Both may get frustrated as neither would want to take the responsibility of thinking practical, leave alone acting so.

In a long term relationship, the two utopians may be good for each other. They will cater to the emotional needs of the other and would have an understanding of the other’s temperament. This may help them through the tough times as well and thus strengthen rather than break the relationship on grounds of unrealistic thoughts and action.

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