Pisces Man and Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman and Pisces Man CompatibilityPisces men are basically of two types –The ones who would run against the destiny and believes in creating his own. And the other one who remains tangled with his dreams and run along destiny.  The former one always struggles with the world, looking out for an opportunity. The latter would confide himself in his fantasy world keeping him away from the reality. But one thing is common among both the categories and i.e. he is a dreamer. Along with this, other personality traits of a Pisces man is being emotional, clever and sharp minded.

Full of emotions, he Pisces man is a true romantic and charming enough to entice any woman even if it is a Gemini. She on the other hand possesses feminine charm. She believes in romance being, an easy mode of communication with a lover.

Talking about the Pisces male and Gemini female both can balance the boat of life as they are aspiring dreamers and believe in making them true. There will be no dearth of romance from him as he is full of emotions within him and if she (Gemini woman) doesn’t burden him (Pisces man) with her tensions then he is going turn out as an ideal husband, any woman would desire.

A Pisces man is never jealous and is totally loyal to his partner but his partner should keep this in knowledge that he is also a man and at a point of extent he might also get jealous. A Gemini woman is comfortable with both the sexes and prefers company more of males than females but provides full freedom to her partner and expects the same. Both Pisces man and Gemini woman will be terrific parents.

A Pisces man is a patient listener and will listen to every childish problem of his kids and provide them with a solution along with that he will also oil their imagination while motherhood would come naturally inside a Gemini woman and she will do just fine. This couple is a perfect match as they say, “Made for each other”.

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