Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman

Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman CompatibilityA Pisces man is an easy going personality. He is a day dreamer, and is very charming and attractive. They are complete passionate lovers and remain loyal to their partners. As far as an Aquarius woman is concerned she is loyal but not too emotional. She is highly career oriented, and enjoys her freedom.

For Aquarius woman position and status matters a lot more than money. A Pisces man is a compassionate, gentle and a loving person. He has a good tolerance power and usually avoids tit bit issues. On the other hand comes the Aquarius woman who has many different shades in her personality, she is intellectually ranked high.

In terms of compatibility of Pisces men and Aquarius female, the man and the woman can turn out to be a good couple as they both need each other and understands the importance of their partner in their life. None of them has ego problems, and a Pisces man is a good listener and an Aquarius woman is a good speaker which will give a positive direction to their relationship as he can tolerate all her antics.

The Pisces male is romantic and the Aquarius female is wild, which can bring out amazing love making and both can enjoy. The woman will be more dominating in bed and can give surprises to her man.

Being opposites, there are high chances of arguments over petty issues like the Pisces man can be too dreamy for an Aquarius woman, and An Aquarius can sometimes be cold and rude according to the man. Which can lead them towards the insecurities and the over possessiveness for each other. Another issue that they might encounter is that an Aquarius will believe in logic and analysis whereas the Pisces will follow intuitions more.

The positive aspects of this couple’s relationship are that a Pisces will make an Aquarius feel secure and comfortable in all aspects of life and will face all up's and downs together. Another aspect is that they both have an open minded attitude in which they will not have any judgmental behavior.

An Aquarius woman is an independent individual who at times might find Pisces to be a lot more dependent on her, more than she can expect, this can turn into a drastic issue creating a conflict among the couple. This combination will take a lot of effort and compromises to make up a strong bond and a deep rooted relation from both the ends and if this can be done, they can definitely bring stability to their relation.

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