Libra Man and Virgo Woman

Virgo Woman and Libra Man CompatibilityA Libran man is most regarded with admiration because of his ability to charm everyone with his easy going attitude and intoxicating smile. Even the ugliest of Librans possess these qualities. So, one thing is sure that they know how to work their magic and captivate other’s attention.

A Virgo female is too sophisticated and full of grace; she carries herself with that aura that makes heart melts in every nook and corner she walks in. She is always indulged in the process of making everything perfect and Librans are admirers of perfect and beautiful things. Librans have a weakness for falling for things which are without any blemish. That’s where both of them get attracted to each other. Virgos get swept off their feet by the Librans who work their magic on them and Librans need for balance is well understood by the Virgos, who in turn do everything possible to take care of her partner.

Librans possess a tendency to take things for granted, and this irritates the Virgos to the core. She usually does things out of love and affection for others but if you start taking her for a ride, then beware because this lady will get displeased. She is very giving by nature and asks for very little in return for her caring nature. So, dear Librans don’t push her to her saturation level. Make her feel wanted and shower her with sweet nothings, and you have her for life.

The best thing about this combination is that both of them give space to the other, they respect the individual differences and make peace by accepting the flaws in each other’s character. Sometimes the compromising act becomes too monotonous which might bore the Libran. Taking risk and spicing it up a little will bring positive energy into this relationship otherwise it will soon lose its freshness. Live each moment as it comes, this is difficult for Virgos to accept, as they are planners by nature and want everything in accordance to their will.

If they get over the above mentioned issues in their initial phase of the relationship, then the compatibility of Libra men and Virgo women is sure to last.

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