Libra Man and Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman and Libra Man CompatibilityThe happy-go-lucky meets the solitary type. There is trouble in this communion between the air sign of Libra and the earth sign Taurus due to their opposite nature. The Libran man prefers an adventurous and risk taking life whereas the Taurean woman loves her peace and craves for security in all domains of life.

A Libran will always be the centre of attention, if you ever see a guy surrounded by too many pretty girls, he sure is a Libran. Taurus woman on the other side are not the best people to start a conversation with, they will always wait for the other person to initiate the talk.

Talking about the compatibility of Libra man and Taurus woman, the male wants to control things on his own and the desire for balance will create conflicts as the female is very impulsive and have sudden mood swings.

This shatters the Libran’s idea of harmony. Taurus woman showcases a peaceful exterior, but don’t get misled by it because inside this lady, a dormant volcano is waiting to erupt. She hates unfaithfulness and loathes people who are too snobbish. Here, the Libran has to be careful as he at times tends to get distracted towards other women; it’s hard for him to control his out-going and flirty nature.

The Librans aggressiveness and protectiveness turns-off the Taurus woman. But, the Libran exactly knows how to handle this earth sign, and he will say the exact things that she wants to hear and do the things which he is sure she craves for.  The chemistry between the couple is phenomenal. In extreme sense the relationship between the two is like a drug, very addictive, when they are together they are literally inseparable.

To impress the Libran all that a Taurus woman should do is to be in her best behaviour and charm him with grace. He will be chasing you to the mountain top, if he feels that passion which the Taurean woman had been hiding from the whole world. For longevity of relationship, the Libran has to shed his player image and embrace the partner image, then only will this bonding last.

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