Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Woman and Libra Man CompatibilityAs far as compatibility between Libra men and Scorpio women is concerned, the couple is very captivating in a sense that they both complement each other in a way that no one else can. When one is sad the other one brings in high energy. A Libran man is a little wary of confronting his emotions freely to the Scorpion as for him; she might well play with his emotions.

Scorpion women tend to be very sensual and desirous. She is aggressive and possessive about her lover. She needs to relax and have faith on her partner because Libran men hate when people distrust them, and by heart they are honest and true to themselves and their love. On the other hand the Libran should learn the tricks of expressing his feelings and also to learn to enjoy the happiness of being in love with a Scorpion lady.

Another area of conflict is that of balance. Librans want to maintain the equilibrium in all spheres of life whereas Scorpions are die-hard radicals. For them it’s black or white, no grey area exists for them. This tendency in a Scorpion female can scare the Libran men to the core. There are too many differences between these two signs. Until and unless they are adamant about making this relationship work nothing can be done. Efforts given in from both sides will only resolve the repressed issues which crop up time and again.

A Scorpion woman knows how to get her way and make things happen according to her will. Thank God the Librans are blessed with plenty of good manners and wit to charm this lady. And, he also knows how to appease her in his own way. This quality in a Libran makes him irresistible.  A Libran can be dodged in believing anything that the Scorpion woman wants him to feel and she doesn’t have to try hard for this. Librans are so insecure about their own feelings that they will believe anything from his lady love.

The relationship between them is like a puzzle, the more they progress, the more uncomplicated it becomes. And, an everlasting bond develops.

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