Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Woman and Libra Man CompatibilityA Libran man and a Sagittarius woman are made for each other as both of them acknowledge each other’s contribution in the relationship. A lot of positive aura is built upon the combination of these air and fire signs. A Libran male finds the Sagittarius woman strong headed and free willed whereas the Sagittarius female finds the Libran male as careless and laid back.

Librans have a very pleasing personality which can make anyone’s heart melt down. They are alluring, charming and intuitive. A Sagittarius woman on the other side is very experimenting type. She loves to explore new horizons and take each challenge to her stride. This tendency of hers leads to rash and careless behaviour on her side. She is well equipped in dealing with any hurdle with her sharp intelligence and wit.

Talking about the compatibility of A Libran man and a Sagittarius woman, they are more of friends than lovers. They understand well, reason judiciously and adapt quickly to each other’s habits. A Sagittarius female is a good choice for a Libran man, as she helps him grow as an individual, she criticizes him when necessary, gives her suggestions and help him cope- up with stress in life in time of need.

A Libran man finds friendship and refuge in his lady’s arms.  She keeps him spell bound with her self-confident demure and extrovert personality. Love never diminishes between these two individuals as the Libran is taken by the arresting smile and no non-sense attitude.

The Libran plays the father figure in this relationship. He likes to tame the street smart lady. It boasts his ego and he enjoys the authority with which he can make the Sagittarius woman learn patience and control. Due to her overtly out-spoken behaviour she sometimes tends to hurt the sentimental Libran.

A word of advice for the Sagittarius woman is to maintain her calm and be a little more considerate about the feelings of others. If she keeps a check on her razor sharp tongue, this bond will surely work. All is well when the two decides to give in their best to each other.

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