Libra Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces Woman and Libra Man CompatibilityThe bond between a Libran man and a Piscean woman is not the easiest one. But once they agree upon the fact that love is the most important thing is life, all problems will be resolved automatically. In terms of compatibility between Libra man and Pisces woman, both of them prefer peace and congruence in their relationship. The Fish being the water sign swims away whenever a stressful situation arises. And, at this point the Libran’s arms are the best place to be in. He will make the lady feel secure in his refuge and take care of her needs.

The sexual chemistry between the two is intense and passionate. This closeness and desire for each other helps them in bonding well. One thing that should be kept in mind is that giving space to your partner is good but giving too much space is dangerous. It might lead to diversions and distract them towards greater adventures in life.

Pisces women are emotionally vulnerable; she tries to hide her true feelings behind the veil that she so carefully carries with her. She is an introvert and likes to keep things in her heart, until she feels secure to shed the mask. Inside she is as fragile as a flower, scared of getting hurt. Librans on the other side are way too expressive about their emotions, which might scare the Pisces woman initially but as she learns more about this amazing and charming guy, she can’t resist falling in love with him.

The foundation for this relationship is based upon the fact that they both understand each other well, the Libran supports his woman through thick and thin, it makes her feel safe and gives her confidence in the bonding. Pisces female provides Librans with a certain amount of calmness and helps in restoring balance through her trust in him.

Though air and water signs don’t mix well, and in the beginning the duo may face problems in understanding and effectively communicating, but with a little effort they can overcome this hurdle. Love can make things happen. And, if the love is strong between them, nobody can shake this bonding.

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