Libra Man and Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman and Libra Man CompatibilityA Libran man and a Gemini woman would make a lovely couple. They share the passion for similar things, like love for socializing, desire to get acknowledged by others, likes being the centre of attention etc. But the line that demarcates the two is that, where the Libran man is practical and logical in nature, the Gemini woman is immature and stereotyped in her exterior.

When it comes to the compatibility of a Gemini women and Libra men, the female will cry like a baby if her demands are not met, she is too stubborn like a child and wants immediate gratification of all her needs. Here, the Libran has to be cautious in order to restore calm by giving in to all her whims and fancies.  A Libran man knows how to use this need for attention to his favour by using his magnificent charm and aristocratic manners.

The Libran likes people who are ingenious and creative. He also balances the fickle minded Gemini and controls her duality with his scales. A Gemini woman is a total entertainer; she is lovable, friendly and talkative. A Libran man seeks pleasure in the field of art and literature, whereas the Gemini is in love with perfect notion of everything in life, from beauty to books, and from romance to lust.

The couple share a positive energy between them due to the fact that they match highly on the intellectual level.  When these two air signs work as a team, they make wonders happen. The workaholic Libran is always on a roll to complete things and the Gemini provides the direction of thought which is important in any task completion.

The two faced Gemini will always find balance with a Libran. The possession of two extreme sides in a Gemini’s personality creates conflicts in her relationship but with a Libran it is well taken care of, as he sees both sides of the coins before taking a decision. The love to meet people and to entertain them makes this couple a hit among their peers and family members. The longevity of this relationship will entirely depend upon their shared social interactions.

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