Libra Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman and Libra Man CompatibilityAll is well in this relationship between a Libran man and a Cancerian woman. A Cancer woman loves her space and is very overbearing at times, but here the Libran uses his logical and practical self to appease his lady love. He does give her the desired space but never forgets to mention it. They are not the most romantic couple among the zodiac signs but they surely are the most peaceful. For this duo, respect, trust and commitment are the top priorities.

The relationship between this air and water sign can be termed as an "ambitious schedule". They live in completely different environs and possess drastic variations in their personalities. If the bonding between them is not strong then it might lead to problems as both of them would put in very little efforts in making this work. For any successful relationship to work, adjustment is the key word with good interpersonal communication.

But effective communication becomes a headache as it never ends and all they do repeatedly is try to solve the issues which arise due to their soaring egos.  The Libran should accept the shy and vulnerable Cancerian, she goes into a shell when surrounded by people, and Librans on the other hand are social beings. So the best moments will be spent at home watching a movie, holding hands and eating popcorn rather than shaking a leg in a party. The Libran needs to compromise on the social front if he wishes to stick around this lovely lady. 

A Cancerian woman is very understanding, supportive, and responsive; on the other hand a Libran man is romantic, passionate and practical in nature. He has logical answers to anything and everything. He hates chaos in life and strives for a neutral lifestyle with checks and balance. Another thing that messes this relationship is the carefree and laid back attitude of the Libran male which disturbs the peace of mind of the Cancerian female.

This communion and compatibility of Cancer women and Libra men is blessed with a gift of understanding. If they make some efforts in giving space to each other and respect individual differences, then this relation will surely work wonders.

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