Libra Man and Aquarius Woman

Libra Man and Aquarius Woman CompatibilityThe quality in an Aquarius woman that makes her a suitable partner for the Libran man is her unquestionable commitment and devotion to the relationship. She possesses an extremely pleasant personality with a great deal of love for living life to the fullest. When we talk about the compatibility of a Libra male and Aquarius female, they always seeks for a relationship which is more than of love, and he does finds the same with the Aquarius woman, as she can be your best pal as well as your dream lover.

She beautifully fits in both the characters. Librans provide the perfect base to the Aquarius woman to grow as a person; he gives her space and emotional support which she so dearly craves for all the time.

Librans by nature are social animals; they love to mingle with people and love to be the cherry of everyone’s eyes. Without them, parties would get boring; they pump up energy where ever they go. He has answers to all the questions in this world, doesn’t matter if they are wrong, because with his intoxicating smile he can just convince you to believe in anything he says. On the other hand, Aquarius woman seems aloof and away from social gatherings, she prefers solitude and enjoys reading a book instead of partying. She values the simplicity and genuineness of her relationship.

When these two signs are together in a relation, you can take a chill pill, because they share an uncanny sense of responsibility towards each other. They are gentle in taking care of their partner’s needs, be it socially, emotionally or sexually. The couple fits like a puzzle piece, all they need to consider is to handle their emotions effectively, because both of them are sentimental and the threat of love is very tender. Handle it with kids’ gloves, or risk ruining it forever.

Any conflict will get deep rooted if it’s repressed, so it’s better to share and resolve it at the earliest. Both the sun-signs tend to forgive easily, so don’t worry and take it easy. Keep your calm and communicate. And, things will be solved in a jiffy.

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