Libra and Scorpio Love Match Compatibility

Scorpio and Libra CompatibilityLibra and Scorpio are two zodiac signs that are have members that look for relationships as a means to composite satiation of all their desires. While the Libra is always ready to mingle, the Scorpio also craves to experience love. Thus, when the two first meet, there is an instant connection and chemistry between the two. There is flirting, innuendos and a lot of healthy fun before the relationship really begins. This is where the main issue of the Libra and Scorpio couple lies.

Their approach to romance and commitment is completely different. While the Scorpio – born looks for deep soulful connections, the Libra treats romance as a light – hearted affair, particularly in the initial stages. This may be irksome to the Scorpion who may lose interest in their partner, thinking they are playing hard to get.

One the relationship is on the road, however, there are many highs in this liaison. The sex is great, since the strong libido of the Libran compliments the desires of the sexual Scorpio partner. Moreover, both the partners are warm, spirited and sociable, so that their interactive ability in associating with outsiders or each other’s friend circle is acceptable. However, there are some areas where the couple may run into trouble.  

As such, the future of the Libra and Scorpio match is often very dependent on the placement of other planets in the individual horoscopes – the see-saw could tip either ways. However, there are some things that are certain. That the Scorpion tendency to be controlling, possessive and jealous, will be an irritant to the freedom loving Libran, is a given. The emotional aloofness of the latter will bother the Scorpio – born is also almost a certainty. But beyond this, the future of the Libra with Scorpio match is hard to establish. But with some time and effort from both sides, these two signs are most definitely capable of allowing for a strong, enduring relationship.  

Libra and Scorpio Compatibility Tips: 

The Libra and Scorpio couple has some issues to work upon. First and foremost, the Scorpion must refrain from pressuring the Libran into committing to them or going forward in the relationship. They should give their partner the space to mull over things as Librans tend to do. On the other hand, the Libra – born, too, must make efforts to allow their partner to get close emotionally, even if it means going against natural instincts.

Apart from this, the couple should ensure that they are comfortable enough with each other to communicate with each other freely. For doing so, the Scorpion has to step away from those dominating ways, and the Libran has to give their partner a sense of security in respect to the strength of their commitment. Compromise and accommodation will most certainly have to be central in the Libra and Scorpio romance for things to work out. 

Libra and Scorpio Famous Couples:

Some celebrity couples with a Libra and Scorpio match are: Gretchen Mol (Scorpio) and Tod Williams (Libra), Vivian Leigh (Scorpio) and Peter Finch (Libra), Ryan Gosling (Scorpio) and Rachel McAdams (Libra), Louis Malle (Scorpio) and Susan Sarandon (Libra)

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