Libra and Libra Love Match Compatibility

Libra and Libra CompatibilityThe Libra and Libra romance is something of a breeze through. Though not to suggest that such a match is flawless and unbreakable, there is certain degree of assured compatibility due to both belonging to the same zodiac, which is not common to many cosmic pairings. For the two individuals, their partners’ are a modified version of themselves, with similar strengths and flaws. This makes it easier for both to accept and understand the peculiarities of the other. Also, there is little room for ego clashes where both Librans look to have the upper hand in the relationship.

In the bedroom, the Libra and Libra compatibility is something to envy. Each sexual experience is enthralling and memorable. Outside of the love nest, both the partners are very slow decision makers. They like to weigh all their options, the pros and cons, and all else before making a decision. Therefore, for a Libra couple to be officially dating or set a marriage date is likely to take time. Similarly, decisions about a house, kids, so on and so forth, will also take time. Since both belong to the same zodiac, the Libran inclination towards social justice, fair action and charity is common to both partners, which contributes to the success of their relationship.  

For the all Libran couple, the warm, sociable disposition ensures that the couple has similar spheres of interest. However, the relationship may often be prone to stagnation, as either of the partners gets bored with the lack of unpredictability in their romance. However, since loyalty and commitment are the most prominent characteristics of the Libra-born, there is little likelihood that either partner will be unfaithful or philandering. The bottom line is, the Libra and Libra couple has fewer battles to wage in its romantic liaison – their relationship is enduring and satisfying in most instances. 

Libra and Libra Compatibility Tips: 

For the Libra and Libra couple the journey is hardly ever uphill and there are few issues of discord here. There is peace and harmony, which in certain cases may have quite the opposite impact than what expected – too much comfort with each other leads to complacency and monotony.

To avoid boredom of this nature, both partners must focus on keeping the novelty of their romance alive. After having found a pretty perfect match, both Librans must not make the mistake of taking the relationship for granted. They have to make a constant effort to try new activities together, visit new places and have other fresh experiences.  

Apart from this, both the Librans need to give each other space. Since there are so similar in nature and can enjoy recreational activities with each other, and probably have even an overlapping friends’ circle, the constant togetherness may become stifling. Thus, both partners must respect each other’s privacy and leave them alone when they prefer so.

Also, since Librans usually like to avoid any form of unpleasantness, often major issues are evaded which may widen the rift between the couple. They should take care to communicate with each other and not let issues grow bigger and get out of hand.  

Libra and Libra Famous Couples:

Some celebrity couples with a Libra and Libra match are:  Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, Michael Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher.

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