Leo Man and Taurus Woman

Leo Man and Taurus Woman CompatibilityLeo man, being rightly called the King of the Jungle has the innate quality of ruling everyone, so he does the Taurus women too. Taurus woman being egoistic and self centred does not want to be dominated and ruled all the time. So, you can say that this compatibility of the Leo male and Taurus female is a bit tricky and tense. However, strong will power and excellent supervision of any matter, is the common characteristic between the two and this h is mostly the reason of clashes between them.

Leo men are always attracted towards royalty and fortitude, this kind of majestic and dignified nature is always found in Taurus woman. That is why this kind of relationship is considered to be a perfect sexually captivating relationship. Leo man is always vying for all the attention and love and care in the world as they are born leaders. So even in the case of women too they want to be complimented and pampered by the love of woman.

In case of Taurus woman she is well balanced in her approach and very head strong too. She maintains a perfect balance between her heart and mind, for her the romance and passion means practical sex life not a bed of roses and royal castles. She wants to be the only lady love in the Leo man’s life and infidelity and indifference towards her hurts her the most.

She is a real time devoted lady to her Leo man and keeps her ego aside just to make him happy.This is what makes their lives a perfect match where the Taurus woman is an epitome of love and desire and the Leo man is always ready to shower all the luxuries of life upon her. It is a real life mesmerising fairy tale like compatibility of Leo men and Taurus women. The Taurus women are always ready to surrender to give that trust and dedication to their relation. But sometimes it becomes a bit difficulty for the Taurus woman to cope up with all time flattery and worshiping which Leo man demands. This might make the relationship a bit tensed sometimes.

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