Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman CompatibilityLeo and Scorpio is one of those combinations which are very difficult to handle. Even if they are loyal, they tend to be stubborn. Both these signs like holding on to a relationship and can be together for a lifetime. But neither of them is flexible as both these signs are proud. A Leo man is a very generous and polite who is protective and affectionate towards their love interest.

He likes the limelight, basically an attention seeker. Praise him and he is all yours. He will shower all the love in the world on you. He is very romantic who cannot tolerate ignorance. When it is about money, he is very generous. He will help you no matter how much bank balance he has. A Leo man has a soft side for women who respect him and flatter him like anything. He provides her with love and affection.

A Scorpio woman is very graceful. She has a sweet nature but quiet as she does not like speaking much. She is very difficult to understand as she is quiet all the time. She cannot trust anybody easily. And it takes a good amount of time to trust anybody. She would need a special man who can understand her. She is highly intelligent and likes doing things in her own way.

When it is about compatibility of Leo male with Scorpio female then the men loves the fact that Scorpio women are so quiet. Well, every man loves a quiet woman as generally women talk a lot. But a Scorpio woman is very patient. She is very secretive and keeps her desires and secrets to herself. She is confident enough to pull things together silently and effectively. Don’t ever dare to break her heart as she is not as forgiving.

Bitter memories stay in her mind for a long time. Leo male can be arrogant at times and Scorpio female tend to react negatively. She may have a major outburst and is capable enough to leave the man midway. But she does have the tendency to stop herself and she can swallow her pride. A Leo man can be yours forever if you give him a compliment or two – even if they are false. Astrologically, a difficult combination but can work it out with love and compromises.

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