Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman

Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman CompatibilityLeo man and a Sagittarius woman share a very sizzling relationship. They both are a fire sign and love is a fire for them. they usually have a good start. But as every relationship has some or the other problems, this combination too will have some snags on their little journey called love. Sagittarius woman does not like it if somebody tries to dominate her. BAD NEWS! Leo man is too possessive for his partner.

A Leo man feels he is too elite and classy for the world. He is proud and tries to gain attention by various means. He loves compliments and gets attracted to women who give him a tree full of praises. He loves the spotlight and loves boasting of his success to people. Attention seeker he is, but generous too! If you are bankrupt or have to pay debts, he will always help you financially. He likes his audience to be his die-hard admirers. Once his lady showers him with praises, he treats her like the queen of the world. He is a very dedicated love but conditions apply: he needs compliments all the time, even if they are false.

A Sagittarius female is highly independent and straight forward. At the same time, she is down to earth, pleasant and humble. She can be too blunt at times which may not go well with a Leo man. She may be sarcastic at times, but in a very sweet way. She is so jovial that it is easy to fall for her.

Leo male being a possessive man may not like her mingling around with her admirers. She does not like arguing as she thinks it is a waste of time. When it comes to the compatibility of Leo men with Sagittarius women, then falling in love with her is a dream comes true as she is very faithful and dedicated towards her partner. She respects her man and showers him lots of love.

To have a flowery and sweet relationship, a Sagittarius woman should start initiating. Leo man does not like to back off or apologising for initiating. A Sagittarius woman should make an effort to reach out to her partner. She needs to free herself and speak her mind. Communication is the best way to strengthen a relationship. For a long lasting journey, Leo needs to give up his arrogance and Sagittarius woman should be more patient.

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