Leo Man and Pisces Woman

Leo Man and Pisces Woman CompatibilityBad Temper is a common trait in both, a Leo man and a Pisces woman. A Leo man is never going to be found alone, he will always be surrounded with an audience. That’s right a Leo man loves audience, attention and fame. He loves to be the centre of attraction while courting or while having an official meet or a reunion with pals. So in order for a woman to make him fall in love, she first has to be an audience for him to get noticed but that’s not a problem with Pisces woman. A Pisces woman is sweet, gentle and vulnerable. Any man can fall for her even if it’s a Leo man.

At first sight only, he will feel like taking her into his arms and protecting her form the bad world outside but one thing which is accompanying her is temper. He (Leo man) on one side likes to dominate and on the other hand she (Pisces woman) doesn’t mind if her man is dominating, it’s actually what she secretly desire’s.

So this point is in favor of them but one thing which can cause subtleness to their relationship is his vanity. She has to subdue his vanity in order to get along in their relationship with love, care and her stability. That is not a big deal because she already has them in her own traits.

When it comes to compatibility of Leo men and Pisces women, the female is full of warmth and womanly streaks, but can easily loose her scathing tongue once a while. So if you find all the opposite traits in a Pisces woman profile then no need to think awkwardly, it’s just that she wants something’s to be kept with her. On the other hand, a Leo male can lose his demeanor if gets ridiculed or disrespected. But overall both will end up being great parents to their children but it’s just who ever will be their partners will have to keep this in mind that their children should learn to respect their parents and then they will see the fireworks.

Not an exact match for each other, they can better their compatibility only if they are ready to adjust and understand. They need to take care of their surrounding as well or they would end up making more enemies.

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