Leo Man and Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman and Leo Man CompatibilityThis is the most practical and the smoothest relationship ever found in the world between two zodiac signs. Leo man and Gemini woman have great positive attitude and easy flow of communication between them. The charming personality of Leo and being the ruler he wants all the attentions and admiration, which is guaranteed by the Gemini woman. Flattery and royalty are the two most versatile traits of a Leo man.

You can get anything done by him by just praising him to glory.  A Gemini woman is highly practical and logical in her perspective towards life. She is very sharp minded and effervescent in her outlook. This free outlook of Gemini woman is sometimes misunderstood by the Leo man.Leo man wants to show all his love and affection towards the Gemini woman, just to prove that he is the man who can satisfy all her needs.

But the Gemini woman being mentally strong and rational in thinking wants the practicality in life. If she feels that her independence and free spirited nature is being curbed she will definitely oppose and in the same way if her frank nature  hurts the  Leo man then the clashes might happen.

The masculine ego of the Leo man has to be kept at par to sustain the smooth flow of this relationship. The compatibility between Leo male and Gemini female is long lasting and based on the reality and practicalities of life. Both of them enjoy having fun and meeting strangers in parties and love going for weekend trips, to fulfil the audacious zeal in life. She admires the funny sense of humour of a Leo man and he appreciates her daring attitude.

Sometimes the unpredictable and unconcerned behaviour of Gemini woman becomes unbearable for the Leo man. Leo man does not appreciate to be lectured around and the versatile nature of Gemini woman is also a bone of contention for him. Same way the extra sparkling behaviour of Leo man in public makes her feels insecure sometimes. But with the help of passion and keeping aside the egos they can make this the most compatible relationship amongst all the zodiacs.

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