Leo Man and Capricorn Woman

Capricorn Woman and Leo Man CompatibilityLeo is a fire zodiac, which means his ruling planet is SUN. He is warm-hearted and a die-hard romantic. His powerful masculinity and commanding nature doesn’t go unnoticed. Leo men are big time self-obsessed and have huge ego, they cannot stand being No. 2 in anyone’s life. Unlike them a Capricorn Woman is an EARTH zodiac, not expressive enough and finds it difficult to open up before someone. She is like a mountain goat always climbing up and towards fulfilling her goals and ambitions while sticking to her roots. She usually prefers to befriend older people and superior professionals to ensure her ladder to success.

To get his attention you must keep in mind to gain admiration and respect from others. This is their driving force winning out over money, fame and everything else. Always calculating her profits from every venture, she gains her social sense from experience. Unlike him she is a wonderful listener.

Both are loyal towards each other but radically different when it comes to express their love. While he portrays himself as quite flattering and much more average then others, she is always calm and in control of herself. He might be quite stubborn at times but is very affectionate and generous with his time, money and above all his ‘lady love’. During courting in relationship she not only focuses on physical attraction but on emotional and social too.

Deep down she has troubled emotions and he is always motivating her to come out of her shell. Being possessive she wouldn’t mind bending down to avoid heartache. He loves to spend his time and money the way he wants and prides for being self-sufficient, whereas she prefers it to save it for future which might not go down too well with both of them. 

She has always stood up for her man and admires him for everything he provided her be it emotional, physical, financial and social stability. Taking about the compatibility between Leo male and Capricorn female, she needs constant admiration from him, while her slow and silent life irritates him. They are quite compatible only if they do understand each other truly.

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