Leo Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman and Leo Man CompatibilityA Leo man and a cancer woman turn out to be the best couple. This match has very good prospects of turning into lasting love, but as fire and water unifies in a relationship, excess of anything would be dangerous. A cancer woman is very caring in nature and strong devotion can make anyone fall in love with her. Whereas a Leo man is highly romantic and can fall in love with one who can flatter him. He can do everything to keep the excitement alive in his love life. Leo men and cancer women both share a common personality trait in terms of loyalty and dedication towards their love/spouse.

Another common feature that they share is keeping their spouse, children, and family ahead of anything else in the world, and gives utmost of their time and love to them. As far as compatibility of Leo male and Cancer female is concerned, both wants attention, admiration and appreciation. So, both of them should give appreciation and support to each other in order to keep their strong bond alive.

Though a cancer woman has high mood swings and is very moody in nature, this is because of the cancer ruling planet-moon, which lead her towards long moody phases and tears, in this case the man should be calm, and handle her with love and empathize her. As, harsh words can hurt her and give lifetime bruises and can make things worse. He needs to understand her emotional needs or she will become resentful. She can sometimes be over possessive, and insecure which can further make a Leo man unstable, but this can be handled if the man makes her feel secure in his arms and give warmth of his love. Making her feel special can also be a good idea, like taking her out for a lavish candle light dinner, with table decorated with flowers and hiding a love note under her plate.

A Leo male and Cancer female, make the one of the most beautiful romantic relationships in the world and in spite of having differences in their characteristics and trait they still complement each other and make the best physically appealing couple to each other.

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