Leo Man and Aries Woman

Aries Woman and Leo Man CompatibilityLeo, being the sign of Lion, is always the ruling sign and wants to dominate. On the other hand, Aries woman is full of life and energy. Both the signs are quite compatible with each other if they learn to balance each other’s needs and compromise. You can expect an everlasting and loving relationship and compatibility between Leo male and Aries female.

This is an almost perfect relationship where the Leo man loves to pamper and being the king wants to have an upper hand in the relationship. Same way the Aries woman loves the extra care and power being showered upon her, as she is a delicate damsel with outgoing and sensuous personality. The Leo man is head over heels in love with the intellect and the zeal of the Aries woman. Same way, the Aries woman enjoys the warm blooded and the leadership qualities of Leo man.

Aries woman loves the power and vigour of Leo man, so she enjoys the dynamic and protective atmosphere created around her by the man. However you can see some sparks flying between the two due to some ego clashes. But these are very short term and are easily mended by the two with their shower of love and compassion towards each other. They are just like Simba and Nala of The Lion King who are very special and caring for each other. If the Leo man is an epitome of Greek God, then the Aries woman is a sign of energy and passion. That is why they enjoy being chased and flattered.

This is the most passionate and affectionate combination which displays the femininity of the Aries woman, who loves to be over powered by the masculinity of the Leo man. They always believe in larger than life love stories and romance. That is why they ignore and patch up small misunderstandings between them. This is the reason why it is considered as one of the ideal and compatible relationship as it is full of sensitivity and enthusiasm. The masculinity of Leo man is a great turn on for the Aries male and she is spell bound by the uncontrollable fervour Leo man possesses. This makes their sex life also very avid and charismatic. The compatibility of Leo man and Aries woman is to look forth for.

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