Leo and Scorpio Love Match Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio CompatibilityThe stiffness of both the signs worsens the matter every time they are together. It’s very difficult to make the pair relaxed and at ease, because all the time they are just trying to prove themselves to the other. The area of commonality lies in the fact that the pair shares a mutual understanding of the innate need to dominate.

The sparks may burn initially due to the desire of the Leo to be tamed and the Scorpio’s attraction to the strong willed and high headed Leo. However, things might not stay bright for long. Over possessiveness and the envy factor will lead to trouble in this communion. The feeling of treachery will make both of them suffer.

If you concentrate on the silver lining then this twosome makes an energetic couple due to their spur-of-the-moment attitude and high spirited behaviour. The Scorpio well understands the Leo’s need for approval and provides an honest answer to the partner’s queries. Leo’s playfulness entices the Scorpion and melts them down of their complicated ways. The sexual energy is intemperate between them as they share an innate passion for experimentation.

A Leo will directly not say things on your face, they will also try to portray themselves in higher light, so Scorpions buckle up be ready to take the initiative here, whether it’s for a date or about the wedding. The courting period is the most amazing period for this intensely fun loving couple, as both tries to put their best foot forward. A Scorpion bitten by the love bug will do anything and everything to please the Leo. A Leo in love is totally devoted and committed to his/her mate. Straying is not their cup of tea as the duo takes great honour in self-regulation.

Leo and Scorpio compatibility tips:

If the couple subtly lies low on the personal front and give equal respect to their better half, then it will lead to harmony and satisfaction in the union. A Scorpion will always pay heed to their partner if they realize the worth and importance of that person in their life. Now it rests on the Leo to acknowledge that respect and love.

Both of them are obsessed with the idea of fairy tale romance as emotionally they are compatible. The key to success here is to, not to fight for superiority and at times, to give in to the demands of your lover, just for the sake of holding on. 

They can actually become motivators for each other, their desire to reach new heights and love for success can get a new meaning with some emotional and social back-up. This is just like any Mills and Boons storyline, the struggle for power, fierce attraction, vivid bonding, mild suspicion, if they understand each other and try to make a conscious effort in resolving the differences between them, then there is no stopping these lovebirds!! Leo’s in love are totally trustworthy and die hard romantics. So Scorpions work on your charm and let the Leo fall for you hard.

Leo and Scorpio famous couple:

Matthew Perry (Leo) and Meg Ryan (Scorpio); Arnold Schwarzenegger (Leo) and Maria Shriver (Scorpio); Nathalie Delon (Leo) and Alain Delon (Scorpio); Elvis Costello (Leo) and Diana Krall (Scorpio); Steve Wozniak (Leo) and Kathy Griffin (Scorpio); Ted Hughes (Leo) and Sylvia Plath (Scorpio)

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