Leo and Libra Love Match Compatibility

Leo and Libra CompatibilityLibra which stands for cardinal air and Leo, a symbol of fire make a great couple together. The compatibility is magical and laws of attraction work in their favour strongly. Venus rules the Librans whereas Leo are ruled by the sun which makes them more egoistic, dominating and decisive .Librans have a compromising subtle nature where they want to settle for the things and see the long term perspective of a situation. Leos are romantic, feel a strong attractions towards fun loving Librans.

Leos are also conscious in looking for an attractive and good looking partner whereas Librans eliminate these things to some extent. Librans can be flirtatious at times this also points towards their nature of being supportive all the time with expressive Leo. They make a fun – loving and friendly couple.

The bond of friendship maintains the spark in the relationship forever. As one is ruled by sun and the other by Venus sexual attraction plays a pivotal role in the relationship as love making helps them strengthen the bond of trust and honesty.

They make an unforgettable couple in social gatherings and complement each other well when it comes to party life. Libra needs a perfect blend of emotions, romance and understanding in a relationship whereas Leo goes for the passion, possessiveness, affection.

Jealousy and possessiveness can give a bit of nasty touch in their happy –go –lucky type of relationship. The dominating, rigid and besotted natures can bring few problems which should be sorted out with patience and thoughtfulness. As both sun signs have their own priorities the dominating natures can lead to friction and irritability.

Leo and Libra Compatibility tips:

The Libran should forfeit their expectations to strive for perfect peaceful relationship and learn art of absorbing the acrimony whereas the Leo should relinquish their insistence of self-hood. Librans and Leos must learn to respect each other’s ideology and find solace in few compromises and adjustments.

Both partners should lower the standards of expectations as and this leads to less disappointment. They should always make use of one aspect amidst of many issues and that is the commitment and honesty for each other which pertain from both the sides. They should prefer exotic holidays and frolicsome parties which makes them enjoy life their lives to the fullest where they can always forget the past resentment and start fresh looking at each other’s.

The Librans should drop their keeping a distance and hiding thoughts philosophy and the Leo should drop their “I have “priorities. A Libran woman lacks in ability to take concrete decisions which is an easy task for Leo men but she adores the beauty around her and Libran man should be there by her side on the contrary if we talk about Libran man and Leo woman which is rare to find but is in its kind an ideal one, the Libran man is extremely expressive and Leo woman is very understanding and loyal .The Libran man is supportive and romantic which makes most of the characteristics of both the sun signs match each one.

Leo and Libra Famous Couples:

F. Scott Fitzgerald (Libra) and Zelda Fitzgerald (Leo); Jimmy Carter (Libra) and Rosalynn Carter (Leo); and Eric Benet (Libra) and Halle Berry (Leo)

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