Leo and Leo Love Match Compatibility

Leo and Leo CompatibilityThe most exuberant and scintillating character among the twelve signs, a Leo will never go unnoticed even in a crowd as the ruling planet is the Sun. A Leo couple will hover in all the attention and feel boastful about it. Both of them have an air of aristocracy and authority. The display of power and control in social situations will create a rift between the two, as none of them wants to take the back seat. A Leo always wants to have an upper hand in the relationship, and when two Leos are sharing an intimate bond, each wants to show their charge over the other.

The attraction between the two is imperative. Their love for adventure, socializing and enthusiasm for life makes them the ‘Perfect Match’ for each other. But trouble lies ahead, when the two realise that the areas of conflict is due to this sameness. Somebody has to compromise here and gave up on their ego.

For a Leo man, he gets turned off by too much of drama and flaunting attitude, where as a Leo woman despises ill mannerism and jealousy. To woo a Leo, just be tender, loving and devoted. Their fine taste in clothing, styling and personal appearance makes them the best looking couple in the group.

Mood swings and bad tempers give in to impulsive behaviour at times.  Dear Leos, don’t make bad decisions in haste, respect your partner and souring the relationship over trivial issues will cost you dearly. Give space to your companion and share the spotlight together, don’t become rivals, rather be partners in crime. It isn’t a picnic until you decide to put your differences away and have a gala time. Leo and Leo can be a good pair if both put efforts to make it workable.

Leo and Leo compatibility tips:

The ego clashes are very prominent among this pair. Neither of them wants to give up their driver’s seat. It is an important issue of conflict and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Delaying to acknowledge the problem will only lead to complications. It’s totally their call, go ahead and solve the issues or suffer and break the bond. The success rate of this communion will be 50/50, ecstatic or distressing.

The fire sign goes with the motto “inside out”, so no hidden agendas here; they are very blunt and look straight in the eye types.  They never take the mid-way; it’s either yes or no all the way. The fear of rejection is very intense in the Leos, and when both of them share the same zodiac it becomes difficult to keep check and balance. Appreciating each other and improving inter personal communication will benefit the pair.

Faithfulness, confidence and acceptance of their partner will bind the relationship in stronger threads. The demanding and possessive nature of a Leo is world known, make peace by drawing your boundaries and demarcate turf. Sex for them is an intrinsic compulsion; fortunately they complement each other in the bed.

Leo and Leo famous couples:

Antonio Banderas (Leo) and Melanie Griffith(Leo); Madonna (Leo) and Sean Penn (Leo); Stanley Kubrick (Leo) and Ruth Sobotka (Leo); Jennifer Lopez (Leo) and Ben Affleck (Leo); Eddie Fisher (Leo) and Connie Stephens (Leo); Jennifer Lopez (Leo) and Chris Judd (Leo); Nicole Kidman (Leo) and Tom Cruise (Leo).

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