Leo and Aquarius Love Match Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius CompatibilityThe Leo with Aquarius relationship usually goes a long way, with their romantic liaison often being an object of envy for others. When these individuals belonging to different zodiac signs first meet, there is an instant attraction that is impossible to deny. This is based on mutual respect both partners have for the qualities in the other.

This attraction grows into something more as Leo and Aquarian spend more time together – they realize they have similar interests and like mingling with lively and glamorous crowds. What draws them closer is that both are inclined to being sociable, outgoing and always in the limelight. In this respect, they understand each other’s behavioral tendencies, leading to an instant connection.

Strong sparks fly between the Leo-born and Aquarian individual, which translates into good chemistry and passionate lovemaking in the bedroom. Moreover, since the two are fairly career oriented, there is little discord over the other’s pursuance of their dreams with almost single-minded attention. While the free spirited Aquarian may not appear to be too involved in the relationship to the extremely sensitive Leo, the admiration and compliments the clever-tongued partner throws their way, usually distracts them from dwelling too much on such issues.

While there is much similarity in their interests and social conduct, the Leo and Aquarius compatibility is threatened by this very likeness – both are very independent individuals that like to be in control. Alongside both wanting to have the upper hand in their relationship, they are also fairly rigid in their respective opinions on everything which may cause problems.

Especially in those crucial issues which determine the future of a relationship, the Leo and Aquarian’s divergence in opinion may often lead to a dramatic downfall. However, with special efforts to avoid such encounters, the Leo with Aquarius couple may have a bright future ahead.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility Tips:

The Leo and Aquarian couple has few aspects of their relationship to concentrate on. Both the partners must put their ego aside and try to further their bond without minding who is directing the process. They need to let go of their desire to dominate while with one another to avoid violent clashes. Moreover, the Leo - born must allow the Aquarian to guide them when it is a matter of practical actions and prudential considerations. Meanwhile, the latter must refrain from the habit of zoning out and escaping into another world which is highly upsetting for the emotional Leo partner.

Both Leos and Aquarians like a degree of privacy and freedom and, when in a relationship should give each other some space to have some lone time. They must communicate their needs to one another beforehand, so that none takes offense to the other’s actions that may otherwise be hurtful.

For this couple, there is a natural bond that exists from the beginning. Thus, they have to concentrate, not on forming a bond, but preventing the connection from breaking down. Thus, for the Leo with Aquarius couple, there is little to worry about.

Leo and Aquarius Famous Couples:

Bobby Brown (Aquarius) and Whitney Houston (Leo), Mariska Hargitay (Aquarius) and Peter Hermann (Leo), Burt Reynolds (Aquarius) and Loni Anderson (Leo), Dick Cheney (Aquarius) and Lynne Cheney (Leo), Cybill Shepard (Aquarius) and Peter Bogdanovich (Leo)

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