Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman CompatibilityConsidering a relationship between a Gemini and Scorpio, they make a good pair on the physical level due to the sexual harmony. As far as compatibility between Gemini man and Scorpio woman is concerned, the Gemini have an imaginative qualities, which perfectly matches with the Scorpio’s intuitive passion. These factors have such great effect that their emotional conflicts can easily be covered. A Gemini person is very fond and concerned about their social activity and their appearance that this gives rise to a jealousy factor in a Scorpio which can give birth to conflicts between them.

Though Gemini’s have great qualities of being brilliant and energetic, still one of the major drawback with these people is that they cannot withstand jealousy and they are always ready to take revenge from people who have done wrong with them and they never forget those people. They are social people and enjoy attention. On the other hand the scorpions are of very conservative nature and they have many secrets in life which they never share with many people. They are bounded to limit themselves in small area.

They both stand exactly opposite to each other in deeds as well as in action because of which they both have to take efforts to keep their relationship going. A Scorpio female gets attracted by the brilliance and zeal of the Gemini man. The passion and loyalty factors of the Gemini male attract the most to the Scorpio woman. A Scorpio is powerful, sexually instable and has a desire for sexual exploration that can generally outdo that of their better half.

They are very loyal and never give up their loyalty in any situation which sometimes creates problems for themselves too. They never like to follow any routine and loves to do things according to them and they never use sex too manipulate their partners. Jealousy can only be considered as the major factor which causes the Scorpio. The last thing to consider is that they are never fixed on one decision and can change their decision at any point of time. So, the compatibility between Gemini men and Scorpio women can be sweet and little demanding at the same time.

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