Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman CompatibilityTalking about the compatibility of Gemini men and Sagittarius women, they can make a great pair and there is no second thought in it. Though a Sagittarius woman has to pass through red-hot temper of the Gemini man and he is extremely possessive about his woman. In a relation between a Gemini male and Sagittarius female, the woman has to pass through extreme care given by her mate and his very high degree of interest in the woman which she finds she cannot control. And she is aware of the fact that this distinguishing quality may lead to some problems in their relation in near future, she does not care about that.

According to the theory it can be said that though both have a great pair together but they are not long term. The casual behavior of the male causes the women to be kept aside  or ignore her, but the woman has the capability to achieve the desired attention .But the question still arises is whether  they can make serious and long term relation?

The only thing in their favor can be considered as their sexual chemistry and their intellectual connection. A Sagittarius woman shows that she is extremely shy but that’s not the fact because she is a tigress in the bedroom. It is found that a Gemini man can have a very active conversation with her and great sex.

The problem in their relation can be due to the voracious attitude of the man that can lead reason for arguments between them. Due to the jealousy factor and the extreme possessive needs it can cause great disaster. A Sagittarius woman can try to avoid confrontation when needed but only to certain limit and not more than that. A Sagittarius woman can stand to speak her problem and can try to solve them, so that their relation can stay but once she gets fed up she will be afraid and can leave the place.

They both love to go for dates since they are very dynamic and have very great dating ideas which can help them to plan a successful date. They have very vast dating ideas like moving for movies, dinner, or some sought of action dating like roller skating or skiing.

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