Gemini Man and Pisces Woman

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman CompatibilityThere is clash of moods between the two as the Gemini people are not constant and there is sudden change whereas Pisces have sensitive feelings. They understand each other well very well as they both are intellectuals but are quite unpredictable with respect to each other. More than often, the Gemini come up with jests and jokes which mostly prove thoughtless and insensitive that can be harmful at times. These features will make the Pisceans get hurt, instead of getting amused. This combination is difficult for long time as with some more central, stable influence into relationship and compromises can make the relationship work. The compatibility of Gemini men and Pisces women is not as great as other sun signs, unless they try to make it work.

The Piscean people are very gentle, very charming, easy going, dreamy, spiritual. They are also highly imaginative, perceptive and also sensitive lovers that tend to be more on the spiritual side of bond with their lover. They are very attractive mostly to the people they meet but are highly compatible with only few people.

The intense and deep sensual fantasies make the person very appealing and love making is just an outlet of their personality so the sex with Piscean is pure fun. Pisces females are very sensitive towards the need of their lovers and desires. The erotic zone of the Pisceans is the feet and when a Gemini man gives a gentle massage to their toes and the arch of the feet can relax and arouse them. 

Gemini love freedom in their relationships. They are capable of handling many things simultaneously including the lovers. They have the “X” factor which makes them attractive, they act youthful, never seem down and are active entire day. The sex discussions, passionate pillow talk with partner and erotic movies are favorites of Gemini but the bedroom silence and daily sex can turn them off. Shoulders, arms and then the hands are very sensitive areas.

Touching up these areas makes the Gemini heat up. Gemini love variations and to make the relationship of Gemini men and Pisces women work, they should try to become active sexual partners, besides understanding each other.

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