Gemini Man and Gemini Woman

Gemini Man and Gemini Woman CompatibilityIf you are reading this then it seems like you are interested in knowing your partner. Gemini is a clear description of youthfulness and ardent curiosity about life. A Gemini Woman is always inspired with ideas and they steadily express themselves instantly connecting with others. Being an airy and communicative sign, she is always on the move. She tends to be rational when it comes to analyzing life. And has variety of interests for her as ‘Boredom’ isn’t her choice. She seeks a partner who is more intellect, stimulating and the one who is attractive and versatile. One who isn’t too possessive? Didn’t I just define a perfect Gemini Man.? Yes this is what she has been looking for.

A Gemini Man is the most versatile person with dual nature; he can be very sweet at times while being your worst appraiser simultaneously. They both are a combination of mutual understanding and are very adventurous when together. The compatibility of Gemini male and a Gemini female is wonderful and makes them an excellent love match but stability would always remain their hurdle as both of them are not grounded enough to commit towards anything. He often gets too restless and impatient. However there might be conceivable danger when this pair competes rather than working towards complementing each other.

Both of them are on a Ferries wheel ride. Their life together looks like a house on fire, not literally of course. As both have their own plans for life and also existing with them is their evil identical twin. Flirtatious in nature they have the ability to charm their partners. They believe in living life and having good time.

There would always be ups and downs but the life seems comfortable from their view. They are not fussy about their thoughts, ideas and decisions rather they believe in sitting together and talking it out. At times each one of them is excellent at compromise but, their dual nature might spark into unhappiness. Overall the compatibility of a Gemini man with Gemini woman is great, which needs to be bettered with mutual trust and love.

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