Gemini Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman and Gemini Man CompatibilityGemini, being the third Astrological sign in the zodiac originated from GEMINI Constellation. Often considered ‘Masculine’, it’s the most versatile Air Sign. If you see yourself falling for a Gemini man and you want reassurance in love from his side then please ‘wake up and smell the coffee’.

He isn’t the one who would madly be in love with something. Possessing dual nature, at times they may be the sweetest thing on earth while the other side would turn out to be your worst critic. Often he gets restless and impatient. He might find himself in a confusing relation with more emotional people like say a, Cancerian. The compatibility of Gemini man and Cancer woman can be way too good or way too bad.

A woman is hard to understand. And to top it all a Cancer women isn’t easily readable. She may be a gentle moon maiden or a wild loony bird. But in the end you won’t know the real her. She usually likes her traits to be hidden inside a shell of aloofness. A very sensitive in nature, you might end up breaking her heart with harsh words so edit your speech while talking to her. She likes to protect things attached to her emotionally. It doesn’t matter to her if men compliment her about something; it is you whom she is concerned about.

Once she gets along or gets committed to you then she is yours forever. Cancer female is the one who always admire his (Gemini male) intellect and remains on his side helping him with his dreams. She is not emotional forever and at times when the situation demands she could become as strong and rigid as a “Rock”. She will let you be with your space, let you do whatever you want and just keep waiting for you to come back to her and she would greet you with love.

The compatibility of Gemini men and Cancer women is usually a puzzling one but is full of some cherishing moments which could end up being a perfect love story.

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