Gemini Man and Aries Woman

Aries Woman and Gemini Man CompatibilityIn a Gemini man and Aries woman relationship, Gemini man plays the role of an intelligent lover as they keep very broad minded approach before they settle down for anything in their love life. They go for mind instead of heart while making decisions of their life. A Gemini man gives prime importance to his common sense before persisting on any decisions and avoids making risky or hasty decisions about their life. They believe in living life on their own set of terms and conditions, however they do take opinions from others but at the end they follow what their mind says.

On the other hand, an Aries woman has an impulsive attitude and for that she needs a partner who should keep on amusing her with his extraordinary entertainment skills. Aries woman is very spontaneous in nature and expects liveliness from her relationships. Her constant urge for encouragement, appreciation and admiring from her partner keeps her going in life. A true dreamer, Aries female lives in her own world of fantasies and also beholds the power of bringing her fantasies to life. Her Geminian partner surely needs to coincide with the tough attitude of an Arian woman.

Both as far as compatibility between Gemini man and Aries woman is concerned, make a wonderful couple only if the male makes use of his mind and woman make decisions from her heart. They find each other’s company comfortable, exciting and compatible which is a good sign for their long term relation. Their common trait of living independently and taking independent decisions in the like keeps them deeply involved in each other. Both of them long for adventure trips and also wouldn’t hesitate in trying out new things.

Aries woman with her bold aura and personality manages to bring forth the best traits of personality of his Gemini male. The over possessiveness of Aries woman for her partner may become a matter of concern for Gemini man over the course of time. Their courtship can sustain for the whole life only if the Gemini men are willing to accept the outgoing and freedom seeking nature of Aries women.

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