Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman

Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman CompatibilityWhen it comes to the compatibility of Gemini men and Aquarius women, then they both electrify, motivate each other mentally. They have a long learning power that can help them continuously perk up their horizons. They both together can set the stage on fire and can make a very dynamic and exciting match. The Gemini man is very slow in making decision which is exactly opposite to Aquarius woman. And it is always better for the woman not to force them into any decision since that may cause serious problems between them. They both have very impressive communication skills, which results in evolving into many social activities.

The Aquarius is shy sometimes that leads them too slowly and methodically approach towards their love. Though they are very unconventional but still their innovative nature helps them in getting admired and impresses people around them. They never like to stay in limits or in any kind of boundation, as they like to freely Rome around like a free bird in the air. They never sacrifice their freedom for anybody but are very honest in romance and with their partners. The major plus point is that they are very faithful in their relations.

They can only approach to sex in their minds. They are very free in sharing their thoughts with their lovers which helps them in increasing their bed matters. They sometimes become very curious which allow them to do creative experiments on the bed. A lover who can appreciate the Aquarius behavior can create a romantic dance between them which goes on and on.

The Aquarius is overconfident about themselves that they are the best and no other person can even stand with them. Still they are very pure hearted, their social concern and their ability to impress the crowd are their plus points and they normally prefer and search partners in this area.

They are very opening minded and this broad nature helps them in reaching new heights. A person that can understand them nicely and give them care and love can be the major part of these Aquarius. And if the other have the capability to include them as a part of their life and the ability to share can then make a long lasting relation.

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